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Aircraft Wet Wash &
Dry Wash

Washing the exterior of your aircraft is important to ensure that grease, grime, dirt, and oils don’t become permanent residents on your aircraft.

With our expertise, your aircraft exterior will always look and feel inviting, flight after flight.

Aircraft Exterior Deep Clean: Corrosion Defense

To remove unwanted contaminants, only OEM approved chemicals and techniques are used to ensure that every surface of your aircraft’s exterior is left clean and spotless. Extra attention is also given to exhaust trails and under-wing sections to ensure that any build ups are removed before they have a chance to damage your aircraft.

We proudly offer Dry Wash as our standard washing service in every one of our locations; however, we do continue to offer a Wet Wash service in select locations that have EPA approved wash pits.

Although losing favor thanks to ever-tightening EPA rules and regulations, when permitted, an aircraft wet wash is still a great way to clean your aircraft’s exterior from the rigors of flight.

Using only OEM approved soaps (sorry no dish soap here), the exterior is first prepared to protect sensitive areas from water ingestion. This means static ports are covered and composite surfaces are identified to ensure minimal pressure is applied to your aircraft. Only then is the exterior cleaned from top to bottom using soft bristle brushes to agitate built up dirt and oils before the entire surface is hand wiped leaving behind a clean exterior that’s free of water spots.

NOTE: Wet washing is limited at many locations due to EPA regulations and airport restrictions. For those airports that do not allow wet washing, we are still able to perform a dry wash in place.

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