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Aircraft Lavatory Cleaning

Your aircraft’s lavatory should be a point of pride and not something hidden behind a door.

Elevate the travel experience with our meticulous aircraft lavatory cleaning service. Every corner is sanitized and polished, ensuring a pristine and hygienic space for passenger comfort.

Aircraft Lavatory Deep Clean: Turn Back Time on your Lav

Understanding the importance of hygiene and comfort in air travel, we dedicate our efforts to transform your lavatories into a beacon of cleanliness. Our process begins with a meticulous inspection, followed by a deep cleaning that eradicates dirt, stains, and germs. We utilize eco-friendly and aircraft-safe cleaners that thoroughly disinfect without harming surfaces or leaving harmful residues.

Our team pays special attention to high-touch areas, ensuring that handles, faucets, and flush controls are not only spotless but also sanitized. Post-cleaning, we apply a protective treatment to surfaces that repels grime and preserves cleanliness, significantly extending the pristine condition of the lavatory between uses.

Aircraft Lav Care

Finally, we condition all lavatory surfaces with protective agents that guard against wear and tear, keeping the space looking new and inviting. With our service, you can assure passengers of a lavatory environment that mirrors the care and quality of your distinguished airline, ensuring a pleasant and memorable experience on every flight.”

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