Aircraft Carpet Cleaning

Aircraft Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is the biggest contributor to dirty air quality in your aircraft. Billions of dust mites live in your carpets and they produce a waste product that is a major allergen.

Cleaning the carpet is necessary to remove this allergen, but some chemicals can be harmful to you and your carpet. That’s why it’s important to chose a professional service for aircraft carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning chemicals must be strong enough to remove dirt and stains, but not so acidic that they will damage the carpet fibers or latex backing. Unfortunately, there is too much conflicting information on what chemicals are best for your carpet. In this case, we strictly vet our products through aircraft manufactures as well as test on an inconspicuous area before committing to the cleaning the main areas

On top of that, some newer construction materials, like laminate flooring, cannot be cleaned properly with common household cleaners. This means you need a professional service who can determine what type of chemical is needed during carpet cleaning in your aircraft.

Our commercial-level carpet extraction service removes dirt, oils, and 98% of the water used during the cleaning. The end result is a refreshed carpet that looks and feels great for your next flight.

Please Note: This service can be completed with the carpet left inside the aircraft, and or fully removed.

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